Deep Sea Treasure by Pop Slots
Yaron granot 123

Logo design

DeepSeaTreasures Promo

Yaron granot deepseatreasures clickontimer 5

Before unlocking splash screen

Yaron granot 3clams 34d copy

Basic picker

Yaron granot 3clams 41

Bonus row

Yaron granot 3clams 34n

Bonus row multiplier

Yaron granot 3clams 27

Booster activated

Yaron granot deepseatreasures info 4

Info popup

Yaron granot deepseatreasure startpopup ref

Marketing popup

Deep Sea Treasures! 🌊 Pick a ! 🗝️

Yaron granot bg

BG design

Yaron granot logos 4

Logo sketches

Yaron granot 3cupsmonte sketch6

Main flow sketches

Deep Sea Treasure by Pop Slots

The first event I designed for Playstudios' PopSlots <3 <3 <3
It's basically a simple picker, in which the player choose 1 of 3 clams in each row, hoping to get as farther as possible without hitting an empty clam.
Here you can see mocks and game flows that i designed for this feature while being in charge on the entire graphic side of things and taking a big part in the game design as well.

More artwork
Yaron granot minipoposYaron granot ingameYaron granot splash screen mockup17a