Kazooloo - BG and UI
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The background image

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User interface

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Main menu

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Other menu screens

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Various assets

Kazooloo - BG and UI

Working with the NC-Arts team, I was asked to re-design the entire GUI (HUD & menu screens) of Kazooloo augmented-reality mobile game.

The world of Kazooloo takes place in a distant future in which humanity has opened a portal to a grim dimension, where evil robots and mech-like creatures roam.
The player controls a heavy armored suit from which he\she have a large variety of heavy-weapons, pumped with plasma energy and high-explosive ammunition, all ready to blow some bad robots up! :)

We needed to get a hardcore look for the game that would fit the game's settings (dark alien race invasion) and at the same time make the look & feel accessible to young children. I decided to go for a grungy futuristic look, to make the other side of the portal dark and scary, while making the weapons and the player's technology really bright and cartoonish.

More artwork
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