the Monster Project 2018
Yaron granot cyclop 12

Final render

Yaron granot 218 kid berlin

Kid's drawing reference

Yaron granot banner1
Yaron granot untitled 1
Yaron granot cyclop 1


Introduction video I made for the kid :)

the Monster Project 2018 - wip animation

the Monster Project 2018

My entry for the wonderful project called "the Monster Project".
Basically it's an event where children draw various monsters from imagination and industry artists such as myself get to revise them as rendered artwork!
Ever since I first heard of it I was super excited to get this going, and I remembered when I was a child how much every little thing like that could make a difference for me and my views on art in my life.
No one ever told me what my profession was or what I was good at - I had to figure it out on my own - and so, every little insight\exposure\advice that made my imaginary passion "real" and seeing other artist doing it was reaffirming that what I was doing was right, that it was "normal" :))
I really hope to get involved with more projects like this and y'all can count me in for next year's Monster Project ;)

For more on the Monster Project check out -

More artwork
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